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Top Soil - 4 yards $50 or best offer. Located in Piedmont/Summerset. You load and haul. Easy access to dirt sitting in driveway. I bought too much. Call/text 605-415-3516.

Garden benches for sale.  Uniquely available nowhere else.  Excellent condition. Suitable for staining or simply maintain weathered patina.  The benches are 10" wide, 33" long, and 29" inches tall.  Many styles to choose from $50.  Call Dawn Bond, 307-629-0037. Will deliver to Rapid city and surrounding area.

Hello!  I am in search of 6” x 12” concrete/cement cylinders (usually used for psi testing) for a landscape project.  On a shoestring budget.  Looking for approximately 150-200. Theresa Stillens (BHFCU) 605.718.6176 or 605.718.7842.

FREE! Looking for rain barrels? Six 55 gallon barrels with lids are FREE. Also one 350 gallon water tote in a metal cage. Call Brenda Pates at 787-6154 for directions.

Gene Ensor:  I’m interested in fresh worm castings and diverse compost dirt to make quality tea.  G_ensor@hotmail.com  605-939-1636

Hi, I have an old cast iron tub that I would like to see go to a good home - thought someone might enjoy making it part of their garden. A photo is attached. I believe I have all 4 claw foot feet (only one is shown attached in the photo.)
Would you please share this info with ppl in your gardening circle and they can contact me and make an offer. The tub is located at my place about 5 miles from Whitewood, near St. Onge. New owner would need to come and pick it up. Thanks for your help.
Kindra Gordon
11734 Weisman Road
Whitewood, SD 57793
Office/Mobile Phone: 605-722-7699

GARDEN HELP WANTED:  We need help maintaining the beautiful flower garden at the Lakota Lake Lodge!  Please call Lori Farmer at 605-209-5814.  

L.A. Media/Owner, 

Carisch Inc. Arby's/ Marketing Director

605-209-5814 cell or  

We have a tiller for sale:  Troy Built/ rear tine Tiller 8 hp, heavy duty, excellent condition/ works great
completely overhauled and serviced, new tires, $850.00 (new $1300-$1500). Please call or contact: Cheryl Jarding
 (605)890-0013 or cheryl.jarding@gmail.com

Greenhouses built on site, real glass and lumber, 6x8, 8x12, Call Jerry Treinen at 721-7747.

Absolutely Beautiful Redwood Picnic Tables & Windmills, built in Whitewood. Call (605) 722-6500 or visit us at: www.picnictablesplus.com

For sale: pumps, wier, filters, and more for larger pond system - make offer.  Julie 390-7627,

D i r t                M a n u r e                C o m p o s t

Aged manure top soil mix, close to Rapid City. Call (605) 341-0021 or (605) 484-1023

Angus compost, aged, no odor, $20 per 1,000+lbs, covers 5' x 10' x 4". Can deliver. Call (605) 390-2756

Aged horse manure - ready to go. Free. You load. Please call 605-390-1519 (Rapid City).

FREE horse manure. I'll load, you haul. Please call 605 348-5808 or 787-3703

Free Fill dirt! You load and haul. 918 4th St, Rapid City. Please call 605-999-594


Free Horse Manure - sawdust combo. We'll load, you haul. Please call 342-8678 afternoons or evenings

Free organic fertilizer composted horse manure. You load, you haul. Call 605-255-4397.

Free: Aged manure for gardens, lawns, and flower beds. We will load you if you call us. Located in the Hermosa area. 605-391-7908


SCREENED top soil, garden soil, compost and buffalo manure. I deliver. Call 605-391-3358.

TOPSOIL/manure. Compost, river rock. Free landscaping/ construction estimates. 391-7188, 381-2716

TOPSOIL - 2 load sizes delivered. Also rock, sand, & gravel available.Top soil, garden soil, fill dirt and compost. Please call 605-391-3358.  Skidsteer, backhoe, blade work.We deliver.  605-787-5377.  Cell 605-415-7062, jprestjo@q.com  Jerry Prestjohn Earthwork, 1400 Elk Creek Road, Piedmont SD 57769

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Summer Food in Wintry February


16 Popular Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

1. Garlic – You can freeze whole garlic, garlic cloves or chopped fresh garlic. Frozen garlic does lose some of its texture, but the flavor remains intact.

2. Corn – You can freeze fresh-picked corn on the cob for up to one year. Pack it in freezer bags — husk and silk and all. For store-bought corn, husk and blanch it before freezing.

3. Avocados – The bad news is that frozen avocados lose their consistency. The good news is that they do not lose their taste, so you can use them for guacamole or dressing. Wash and halve them before peeling. Freeze as halves, or puree them with lime or lemon juice and then store for up to eight months.

4. Mushrooms — You can freeze raw button, creminis and portabellas mushrooms for later use. Chop and slice mushrooms and then spread them on a cookie sheet. Freeze. Then transfer the pieces to bags or containers.

5. Onion – You can save chopping time – and tears – by freezing onion for cooking later. Store peeled, chopped onion in plastic freezer bags. The best part is you can just toss them into your recipes without thawing them first.

6. Hummus – Scoop your fresh hummus into plastic containers. Then drizzle a thin layer of olive oil on the top to keep it from drying out. Thaw in the refrigerator for 24 hours before mixing and serving.

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