Gardening Classes 2018

2018 Classes  

February 27  -  April 3

Tuesday evenings 6:30-9:00 pm

February 27             

Cathie Draine – A year in the garden from Soil to Sunshine

Tammy Glover – Bunkers/Containers


March 6                

Sheila Hillberry – Starting seeds

Joe Hillberry – Small fruits


March 13            

Louise Englestad – Native Plants and Grasses

Brenda Pates - Compost 


March 20              

Mel Glover – Vegetables

Bill Atyeo – Gardening in the Pennington Co Inmates Garden

 March 27           

Jean Grode - Herbs    

Patrick Wagner – Bugs - SDSU Extension Entomologist

April 3              

Harley Paulson - Roses

Tom Allen - Beekeeping 101 for Gardeners 



5 Super-Early Vegetables to Start in Winter


Watch video now


Not everyone is always in the mood to read text when visiting the computer for the latest about gardening.  We can’t forget that just hearing and seeing is the oldest way of knowing about the world.  


YouTube also has the informality and spontaneity and honesty of ordinary people presenting garden information, perhaps refreshing for those tired of the slick segments common on TV.


If you can put up with the accent of an English gardener, you might find this YouTube video motivating and easier to digest.