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Our lives seem to be centrally controlled by government and corporate managers in big coastal cities. But should commodities always come from somewhere else?         The content and social values of our print and broadcast media tend to originate from the same source.  A review interview in Time about Wendell Berry's new book gives us these quotes about founding an authentic rural identity:

"This has been a dominant idea throughout our history: if you don’t have it here, you can get it from somewhere else. If you use up this commodity here, you can’t produce it here anymore, you’ve worn out the possibility here, get it from somewhere else. Or if you’re short of labor or you’re too good for certain kinds of labor, go to Africa and get some slaves. That recourse has haunted us, has plagued us to death.

"We had a big garden when the children were young and we were young and strong. We raised virtually everything we ate. We had poultry and two milk cows, and we fattened two meat hogs every year, and a calf, and grew the big garden. It’s extremely gratifying to sit down to a meal you’ve grown every bit of."

forwarded by a Black Hills gardener


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Are you ready to feed your family by what you grow and raise? If you want to reduce your dependency on the commercial food supply, you better start now. It is important to develop a functional homestead capable of producing enough food to live on before you need it.






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