Rapid City Flower Gardens

Butterfly Garden
North Shore of Canyon Lake

Halley Park Gardens 
1210 St. Joseph Street

Memorial Park Rose Gardens 
Omaha & 8th Street

Memory Lane Gardens 
Sioux Park behind Hospital

Omaha Street Scape
Intersection of Omaha & West Blvd

Ralph Cole Arboretum
Intersection of Mt. View & Jackson Blvd

Roosevelt Demonstration Gardens
Intersection of Maple & New York Street

Sunken Gardens
Across from the Parks Dept. Office

William Nordermeer Formal Gardens
In Sioux Park off Canyon Lake Drive

Wilson Park Gardens
1701 Mt. Rushmore Road


6 Delicious Edibles You Can Grow Indoors All Winter


Most homes are heated to a comfortably warm temperature range of 65 to 75F during winter. This is ideal for growing many vegetables, so the winter cold is not as much of an issue here as low-light conditions. Your choice would be limited unless you provide sufficient grow lights to imitate the sunny outdoors.

    As a general rule, leafy vegetables can manage with much less light than root vegetables. Fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes and eggplants need more light to ensure a good yield.


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