Organic gardening and farmers markets.  Rapid City gardener Shad Olson hosts the Shad Olson Show on radio. This video calls attention to the plight of local farmers markets and their grassroots attempt to sell organic produce in the face of stiff federal government regulation and labeling laws, with the feds often suspected of attempting to protect the profits of big agri-business farms.  See Ev Merritt and other local gardeners being interviewed.   watch video


Miss Gardening? Grow Green Beans Indoors This Winter


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For gardeners who just can’t stand to keep their hands out of the soil for any length of time, growing food indoors in containers can be a great pastime during the winter months.


Green beans are a relatively quick-growing vegetable that can be grown inside your home and also look quite beautiful, as well.


Plants that you are growing indoors can be started any time of the year, but you still need to remember that they have certain environmental requirements. Green beans need plenty of light, so you will need to place them in a part of your home where they can get a minimum of six hours of sunlight each day. Alternatively, grow lights can work if you do not have a window that gets enough sun.