Organic gardening and farmers markets.  Rapid City gardener Shad Olson hosts the Shad Olson Show on radio. This video calls attention to the plight of local farmers markets and their grassroots attempt to sell organic produce in the face of stiff federal government regulation and labeling laws, with the feds often suspected of attempting to protect the profits of big agri-business farms.  See Ev Merritt and other local gardeners being interviewed.   watch video


How To Store Potatoes For 20-Plus Years

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If 20 years sounds like a long time to store potatoes, then it might surprise you to know that “fresh” potatoes in the grocery store are often 11 months old when you buy them. Modern developments in commercial food storage allow growers to store produce with a chemical (1-methylcyclopropene), which extends the shelf life of vegetables.


Of course, fresh potatoes won’t last 20 years, but you can dehydrate them to get that kind of long-term shelf life while maintaining nutritional value.

Now save carrots for 20 years with a dehydrator